Bookings & Reservations

Our mission is to provide clean, convenient, comfortable and highly functional meeting rooms for rent by the hour or day where our customers can host great meetings and events.  Meetingful Spaces are designed to facilitate great outcomes by providing everything that should be present in modern conference rooms, but which typically are not.  To this end, we provide the following:

Our mission is to take the hassle out of meetings by providing all of the modern amenities our guests expect, while also making the process of reserving a meeting room easy for the organizer.   This starts with our 24/7 online reservation system, which makes it easy for anyone, anywhere, anytime reserve any space from 2 hours to a full-day.  All rooms show clearly marked pricing by the hour, with an automatic discount when your reservation reaches 4 hours, and a further discounted flat rate for the full day for reservations of 8 hours or more in a single day.

Meetingful accepts online Space reservations up to 12 months in advance through this website. To reserve a room, view the room details of a Meeting Space or Training Space.  Then, click on the calendar on the page to see real-time room availability.  Note: Rooms are reserved for a specific start & end time.  We will do our best to accommodate individuals who arrive prior to the scheduled start time, as well as, to extend a meeting’s end time, based on availability and at additional cost.  To reserve a Space for more than one day, please add each day to your cart separately.  For off-hours bookings, please fill out the Contact Us form and provide us with the specific dates/times, rooms you would like to reserve and a general description of the event.

One thing is for sure – Long meetings and events make people hungry and thirsty!  The business our guests accomplish offsite at Meetingful often represents critically important business, so to help everyone “stay in the game”, we provide unlimited hot and cold beverages and light snacks for all guests throughout the day.   Beverage selections typically include coffee, tea, flavored seltzer, still water and soft drinks.  For snacks, we try to provide a variety of options, including healthy selections like nuts, berries and energy bars.  We also provide refrigerated storage of any cold beverages a group may want to provide on their own.

We know how frustrating it can be when you’re rushing to be on time for a meeting, only to discover you need to spend a long time searching for parking and/or have to spend a lot of money on parking.  That’s why Meetingful is committed to providing ample free parking for all guests at all events.


There is nothing more frustrating than having an important need before, during or after an important meeting, only to discover that there is no one who can help you.  While we cannot anticipate every possible scenario that could conspire to impact the success of your meeting, we can provide an on-site leader who will work their hardest to make sure any unplanned snags do not ruin your important event.

While our offsite meeting facility was created designed from day-1 to provide clean, sanitary and convenient meeting and training spaces, the COVID-19 pandemic has prompted us to take additional measures to ensure the health & safety of our guests.   To this end, we are taking the following precautions to ensure that each and every rental conference room and training room is fresh, ready and COVID-19 compliant for our guests.  For additional details, please read our COVID Policies Page.

As an additional safety measure, we have recently installed Dyson bladeless HEPA filters in all rooms.  These terrific devices not only help regulate the room temperature by circulating the air, it also provides advances HEPA filtering of any in-air particles.

In addition to the items listed above, all meeting room rentals and training room rentals include the following:

    • Fresh dry-erase markers, in-room cleaning spray & microfiber cloth
    • In-room disinfecting wipes, hand sanitizer and tissues
    • Free Wifi Access for  all event attendees
    • Our promise to care as much about the success of your meeting as much as you do!