COVID-19 Statement

Meetingful is committed to following all steps that have been laid out by the CDC to provide a safe and clean environment for all of our Meeters.  To this end, our facility is professionally cleaned daily, all Meeting/Training Spaces are cleaned and disinfected between reservations, and all rooms contain disinfecting wipes, hand sanitizer and tissues.  Masks are also available to any Meeter, upon request.

Due to recent changes in public policy in Texas, Meetingful employees are required to wear masks when coming in contact with our guests.  Guests are required to wear masks in Meetingful’s public places (coffee bar, bathrooms, entry area, outdoor lounge space, and parking lots).  Guests may, at their own accord and with the permission of the group they are with, opt to remove masks within their Meeting Space.

Many of the groups that come to our facility are spending time in close proximity, while many others are practicing social distancing.  The capacity of the rooms listed are based on pre-COVID-19 assessments of how much space individuals require to be in an extended meeting.  All rooms list the actual dimensions of the Space, and we leave it to our customers to select the space that will work best for their event.  We trust our employees and Meeters to do their best to keep the space safe by staying home if they are sick and following the guidance of the CDC.  For a complete list of sanitization procedures and COVID protections, please visit our COVID Practices and Procedures page.

Meetingful believes that providing a safe, clean place to meet is vital for the future health of many businesses.