Can I rent a meeting room or training room for longer than one day?

Definitely – We love multi-day events!  To reserve a room, or rooms, for multiple days, please add each room on each date (with start/end times) to the shopping cart separately.  Please review your cart prior to checkout to ensure that all of the details are correct.

Can I reserve the entire Meetingful facility (all rooms) for a day, or more?

Absolutely, pending availability.  Please contact us to check on pricing and availability.

When do I need to pay for a reservation?

Great question.  The short answer is that reservations are made online and paid in advance upon online checkout.  For additional details on how to rent a meeting room, please visit our reservations page.

Can I cancel my Meeting Room Reservation and receive a refund?

Another great question.  Please visit our Cancellations and Refunds page to view these details.

Can I bring outside food into my rented meeting room?

Absolutely!  While we provide a great selection of no-cost hot/cold beverages and light snacks, we do not have on-site food service for meals.   You can order meals through major delivery services to be delivered to: 3809 S. 2nd St, Unit A-200, Austin , TX 78739.  Please Note: When placing a food order, please put the name of the group meeting on the order so that our on-site Manager can receive your meal from the delivery service and bring it directly to your meeting or training room.

I see in-room technology in photos of the meeting room I want to rent.  Is use of the technology and extra cost?

Absolutely not!  Our goal is to remove all of the headaches many experience in renting off site meeting rooms and training rooms.  This means free use of in-room technology, free high-speed wi-fi, free parking and free snacks!  Note: Please check the specifications for each meeting room you are renting, as not all rooms have the same equipment.  If you are in doubt, or need to confirm any details, then please contact us as we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

One (or more!) of my planned meeting attendees cannot attend in person.  Does Meetingful have video conferencing available?

This happens all the time, which is why many of our rooms have integrated hi-def video conferencing equipment included as standard equipment.  However, this is not true for all rooms.  Please review the specs of the room you have reserved.  If video conferencing is not listed, then please contact the Meetingful Manager to inquire about options for adding video conferencing equipment to your room.  Free high-speed WiFi is included with all rooms, so any meeting can add video conferencing using equipment (eg. a Laptop computer) provided by one of the attendees.