Meeting Space Technology

The only thing more frustrating than not having the technology you need in a meeting room is having technology that is too complicated to use or incompatible with your device.  Meetingful Spaces are designed with state of the art flat panel displays, integrated video conferencing and fast network connections that use simple and easy to use controls and work with virtually any device.  Here are some of the ways that we provide powerful, yet easy-to-use technology for our Meeters:

Dual flat-screen displays are a huge value add, especially if a team is working on complex challenges that require viewing multiple on-line sources simultaneously, and also for meetings that heavily utilize video conferencing technology.  All rooms with permanently-installed equipment feature simply wall-mounted control pads with easy to understand buttons and functions.  And, if you hit a snag or need other help, our on-site Manager is always there to lend a hand.

Many of our rental meeting rooms feature integrated, hi-definition pan/tilt/zoom video cameras.  Like all our technology, these cameras are very powerful while also being super easy to use.  Simply plug the USB cable into any laptop, and use the in-room remote control to move/zoom/adjust the camera to your needs.  Our cameras are designed to work with any computer and any online meeting platform!

Bring-your-own-Device (BYOD) video conferencing technology means that you can use ANY video conferencing platform with our well-equipped meeting rooms.   We’ve discovered that many meetings can suddenly shift from being in-person to being remote (online) or mixed in-person and online.  Our equipment allows Meeters to look like rock stars by enabling a seamless pivot to meet any online meeting need, and any online meeting platform including Zoom, GoTo Meeting, Google Hangouts/Meetings, Skype, Microsoft Teams and others.

Our mission is to provide a worry-free meeting environment.  To this end, all Meetingful space reservations include complementary hi-speed WiFi access for all attendees on our secure network.  Simple, fast and free is one of the ways Meetingful works harder to create the ultimate, no-hassle offsite meeting experience for all of our guests.  The old saying holds true – The best things in life are free!

WiFi is great, but what if you need a hard-wired ethernet connection to the net to ensure that you have the best quality meeting?  No problem, many of our rooms feature the ability to plug in for a blazing fast connection and to eliminate variables that can be caused by high-bandwidth internet needs.  This feature, along with unlimited usage is included at no charge in rooms with this feature.

As veterans of mission critical meetings, we also know that you have to be prepared for the unexpected.  To us this means having common conveniences and accessories on hand to ensure that you’re not distracted from the task at hand.  So, in addition to the items we have listed, we stock common conversion cables and adapters, and have on-site support to help when needed.  Our mission is to ensure you have an environment ready for an awesome meeting!