Why You Need a Meetingful Space

Meetingful was created to address the frustrations companies, meeting organizers, facilitators and attendees (a.k.a. Meeters) experience at traditional offsite meeting facilities.  Let’s face it, just because a room exists and has enough capacity to hold a group of a given size, does not make that room a great place for that meeting.  To us, this means providing meeting and training spaces designed for great meetings:

Properly Equipped Spaces

Meetingful provides easy-to-use state of the art displays, video conferencing and supporting technology, massive amounts of high quality white boards, and comfortably furnished rooms that are properly sized to the group and purpose.  We maintain an on-site inventory of common cables & connectors/converters to minimize the opportunity for connection issues.  Our on-site Manager is available at any time should a team require any last minute items.

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Technology Enablement

All our Meeting Spaces are designed to allow you to plug your technology (laptop/table/etc) into our powerful infrastucture.  This allows you to operate in and environment that is comfortable to you while benefiting form or state-of-the-art displays, hi-def video camera and high speed internet.

Free Parking

We provide free parking to every guest, every day!  Why?  Because no one likes paying for parking!

Convenient Locations & Facilities

Meetingful has several entrances and exits that are all located adjacent to parking.  The facility is ADA compliant, including a unisex and handicap accessible bathroom.  Meetingful’s standard hours are 8:00 am to 6:00 pm Mon – Fri.  Our on site Manager can accommodate requests outside of these hours, when available, and with advance notice.

Ample Food Options

Meetingful is located near many great restaurants, just about all of which offer delivery directly or through services like Grub Hub, Favor, Uber Eats, and the like.  Meetingful’s on-site Manager receives food deliveries and places them outside the meeting room, making the group aware when the food has arrived.

Last Minute Online Attendee? No Problem!

D’oh!  This situation can be a real meeting killer.  While video conferencing is readily available, some venues will charge you an arm-and-a-leg for high-speed WiFi access.  And, even if they do, a group meeting mixed in-person and online attendees requires different equipment.  A laptop does not typically have a good enough camera, microphone or speakers to work for a group of people with one or more online attendees.  Further, trying to set up equipment like this quickly (if you have access to it) is often not easy.

Meetingful provides Meeting Spaces that feature integrated and easy-to-use technology.  Most rooms feature one or more large flat panel displays as well as integrated hi-def video conferencing and full-room audio.  Meetingful further has pre-configured mobile video conferencing that can be added to any room (subject to availability).

Comfortable Meeting Rooms

Meetingful Spaces are designed to be comfortable in many ways.  Our Meeting Spaces are designed with comfortable and functional furniture, many rooms contain in-room climate control.  Each room includes a bladeless Dyson fan with HEPA filter to keep the air fresh and slowing without a bunch of noise.  We list al of the specs of each room on this website so that each organizer can select the room that has the best size and accommodations for the desired meeting based on the number of attendees and purpose of the event.

Light Snacks and Beverages

Meetingful provides complimentary hot & cold beverages, and light snacks throughout the day.  Many spaces feature an in-room refrigerator for use by the group.

Easy Online Booking

Meetingful provides 24/7 room availability and booking, with automated discounts that reward organizers for reserving longer blocks of time.  What could be easier?


So Let’s Meet!  Come to Meetingful where we’ll make sure your meeting or event is “ful” of the details you expect from an offsite meeting location.